Yes, the unemployment and iniquity, right at the beginning of 2016 when we have just celebrated a great milestone of ten years eXo SEA together, what a special gift it is!

After these smiles (in the 10th year ceremony, the 11th November 2015), who could guess what happened with them nearly two months later…


The 4th January 2016, we were informed about the dissolution decision of eXo Platform SEA and the General Director said that tomorrow we can go out for finding a new job! What a joke, it is exactly another way to say: get out of here right now! You do not have any use anymore.

To compensate us, they promised to give us the January salary and said that we can stay until the 31st January and that was it. Okay, giving away all the sadness and disappointment, we still stayed with them to finish mandatory tasks for releasing eXo Platform 4.3 until the end of January. But, of course, we are merely workers not lawyers, so to make sure the company was doing right things with us, we decided to hire a lawyer to help us verify that.

Suddenly, the 18th January, the company forced us to handover all assets without giving us a chance to make any contribution. Once again, they forced us to go out for finding a new job. Why could not they understand a simple thing that what we need was not a job! We need a home, we are a family and now they required us to leave our home right away. Okay, let they do this because we did not have any choice!

Today, the 6th February, over a half of the employees have not accepted any job offer yet even though there were many, because we still wait for a reasonable answer from the company after such unacceptable behaviors. Besides, they broke their promise of giving us the January salary just because we hired a lawyer. We do not fight against them or anybody, we are just fighting for our right. Among us, there are many different situations, some have to support their very old parents, others have to nurture their babies, … But forget it, who cares?

The most important thing here is the justice and we need it, we can donate our January salary if the company is exactly having the financial problem. However, we must claim that the company is acting like a baby-born, they can change their attitude 360 degrees ranging from smiling, crying, irritating to shouting loudly without caring anyone!